Monday, December 7, 2009

My Career Choice

My career aspiration is becoming a paralegal. Paralegals must possess certain skills to work with the general public and those skills are; highly organized, communication skills, as well as, maintaining client confidentiality.

Organization is not a complex thing to do. Organization helps you to focus on your must important tasks. Between doing research and interviewing clients; being organized helps you structure you findings and knowing what to ask your clients plays an important part.

Having communication skills is very important in the legal profession, because you are dealing with the public along the way. Working with other attorneys, clients law officials, and witnesses; it is imperative that you are able to deal with other personalities and being comfortable is another reason communication skills are important skill to have.

The most important rule of law ethics is having dignity. All legal professions up hold the trust with their clients. As a paralegal professional you will have access to all personal information; including bank, medical, and any other personal records that client's family members might not know. So, it is very important to be able to be trustworthy and discrete.

I believe with my work history as a bank teller, sales associate, and as a pharmacy associate; I possess some of the skills it takes to become a paralegal. As a bank teller and a pharmacy associate I had access to personal financial and medical information. Privacy and security was one of my top priorities everyday in the work place. Working with the general public, I was able to work with and meet many personalities, especially working as a sales associate.

Organizational skills, communication skills, and being trustworthy are some of the traits that is imperative for a paralegal to have. Those skills I possess myself with my work history to show. With any profession you have to be well-structured, able to effectively get your point across, and work well with others.

Compare & Contrast Choices

When choosing a career, a person should consider what unique career paths of interest to them. I have chosen the career path of a paralegal, but also the umbrella of a law clerk. When I look at both career choices I look for responsibilities, education, and skills.

Lawyers are known for having the ultimate responsibility for most of the legal work. However, often their tasks are delegated to paralegals. Even though paralegals are prohibited form setting legal fees, giving legal advice and preserving cases in court, they play a key role in helping lawyers prepare all cases. The core tasks for a paralegal may include; preparing legal documents, analyzing research data, meet with clients or other professionals to discuss a case and also file pleadings with court clerks. Paralegals are found in all types of groups and are employed by government offices, law firms and corporations. Even though employers can train paralegals on the job, there are several ways to become a paralegal. The number one way is through a paralegal program at a community college, which being able to obtain an Associates degree. If a person already has a college degree, they can earn a certificate in paralegal studies. Also, there are a few Bachelor's and Master's degrees in paralegal studies, offered in a small number of schools. Paralegals must possess certain public and those skills are; highly organized, communication, and maintain client confidentiality. The paralegal field is a broad profession. However, the job market is affected by the business cycle. Job arise as people leave an occupation. will increase demand for paralegals specialized in corporation law, employee benefits and/or labor laws. Paralegals that are experienced and trained have the best job prospects.

Like paralegals, law clerks assist lawyers and judges. Even though law clerks carry out similar core tasks like a paralegal, they differ a little. They also arrange transportation and accommodation for witnesses and jurors, and serve copies of pleas to opposing counsel. Law clerks employable skills would also include; critical thinking, communication, and social perceptiveness. These are in addition to the skills of a paralegal must possess. Some of those in this occupation do not require a four year Bachelor's degree others do. Law clerks usually need several years of work related experience, on this job training and/or vocational training. Just as a paralegal, law clerks job prospects and outlook of continuous growth are determined by the law their employer specializes in.

Paralegals and law clerks carry out the same core tasks, while law clerks have a few additional tasks. These tasks are accommodating witness and jurors when needed and serve pleas to opposing councils. I would prefer working as a paralegal or a law clerk, because the two are more hands on occupation. My current career path is to be a paralegal. Eventually I would like to go to graduate school to become a defense attorney. With my work history as a bank teller, sales associate, and a pharmacy assoc ate, I possess some of the skills it takes to become a paralegal.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Comparing and Contrasting 3 Career Paths

When choosing a career field or branching off in the career you are already in there are endless possiblities. In the career field I choose, which is paralegal I can branch off as a law clerk, legal secratery or stay as a paralegal.

Each field serve the basic needs to lawyers or judges such as meeting with clients and other professionals to discuss details of a case. As well as preparing documents, briefs, wills, contracts, and appeals. Under the law umbrella not all the core tasks are the same.

For example, a paralegal core tasks may include gathering and analyzing research data, such as statutes, decisions, and legal articles, codes and documents. Where on the other hand, a law clerk have to just search for and study legal documents to investigate facts and law codes. A legal secratary may have to make copies of those correspondence documents and other printed matters.

A law clerk supplemental tasks includes delivering or direct delivery of subpoenas to witnesses and parties to action, arrange transportation and accommodation for witnesses and jurors, if required. They also appraise and inventory real and personal property for estate planning. Paralegals and law clerks share the same supplemental tasks, however, a legal secretary carry out more of the office supplemental tasks. For example they review legal publications and perform database searches to identify laws and court decisions relevent to pending cases and submit them for approval for use.

Looking back at all three careers they share core tasks to serve the baskic needs for lawyers and judges to prepare and discuss details of cases. No matter what field I may choose to do or later in life branch off to, I will have the basic work experience to effectivly perform each career. Paralegals, law clerks, and legal secrateries play an imporant part in the legel area, because without out them it would make the jobs for lawyers, judges and other professionals alot harder.

Monday, November 9, 2009

What are my weakness?

Everyone has weakness. Some are easily defined within yourself while others can just easily point them out to you. I can easily tell you what my weaknesses are. I am too dominant, stubborn, and easily overwhelmed.

I am a very strong take charge person. As long as I know what I need to do and how to do it, I just go. That is what my boss value in me at work but my co-workers hate. I just do not like standing around and not do anything. While my co-workers are just chatting or standing around I am constantly looking for things to do or beating my boss to the punch by having things done before she ask. By doing that, this leaves my co-worker with nothing to do and easily bored. But I feel as this, you know exactly what needs to be done so why wait until management ask and just do. Do I care that I can be most hated by my peers? No, I come to work to work and not make friends. At the end of the day I know when I clocked out that my share has been done and I do not have my boss breathing down my neck. I hope others feel the same as I do.

My stubbornness can get the best of me, especially with personal relationships. My mother and I are both head strong people and refuse to let each other get the last say. I guess that is why our relationship is so strain to the point where we bearly talk to one another. My boyfriend and I have a hard time in the same house together because I try to where the pants too. Which frustrates his so. I try to allow him to lead but I find it hard. I come from a single parent household to so I have been raised on a "do as I say" rule and I carry that with friends and family which makes it hard to have a good long lasting relationships with people.

I have to admit I do take on more than I can chew and put so much pressure on myself where I feel boggled down. I am so use to everyone asking me to do this or that, where it becomes second nature to me to just automatically pile and take control over everything. In turn I make myself sick and do not know when to slow down until my doctor have to literally tell me to slow down. I find it hard to that because I am a working single mother on my own.

My weakness can be my strenghts but knowning my limits can strenght my weakness awhole lot better. Knowning what your weakness are can help better and shape you to the person you want and need to be.

Why I choose BSC?

I have been out of school for about 5 years and I did not know how hard it is as a single mother. I have to balance work, a 4 year-old and a new baby on the way and at times I find myself wanting to give up. I choose Bryant and Stratton College for higher learning, better future for my children and the benifits of a fulfilling career.

I am a high school graduate from class of 2003 and this fall started my first semester at BSC. I love school and always excel at anything I but my mind to. Having higher learning is something I always tell my son is the most imporant thing he can have now in this day and age. No longer is a high school diaploma or a GED worth much. Every job that you apply for want you to have an associate, bachalor, master's, or even both just to answer telephones. Times are changing and I want to be with the time that is changing and show my childeren that it is worth it in the end.

My son is 4 and he loves to read and learn about every little thing that he comes in contact with. Looking at him makes me very proud to be a parent. I would love to keep his interest in school and show him that learning is fun. I keep his head in the books and we watch the Noggin channel and the PBS shows together. His enthusiasm when he goes to school every morning brightens my day and my me going to class make me proud to go to school. He encourages me to continue my education when I feel like giving up.

What also keeps me here at BSC is knowing that at in 2011 I will walk proudly across stage and get my degree and have a fulfilling career as a paralegal. Knowing that not only I will have that degree but also will make the earnings that I deserve to provide for my family as well.

When you feel that all hope is lost and feeling overhelmed just remember that you are setting an example not only for yourself but for your family. You may be to only one to go to college or even just finish school but knowing that you can achieve all your goals and feel good doing is worth it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My strengths

Just about every employment and colleges are requesting that a strengths quest should be completed. This helps with job and class placement. It also shows what areas you are strong at and what best fits your abilities. My strengths are command, focus, achiever, and competition.

Someone with the command strength is someone that can take charge of a situation. I see things that need to be done and I do it. Others may feel threatened or put off by my assertiveness and may label me as bossy but I like to know what I have to do and just do it. I like to be partnered with people who are creative and strategic, because they help me see the bigger picture of thing.

Another strength I have is focus. I can take a direction, follow through, and make the necessary corrections to stay on track. I must have everything prioritized in my life, if not then I am everywhere. I am easy frustrated when I work in groups that do not have clear goals or direction because then everything is unclear to me. I always found it hard to work with others in school but it is easier at work. Because when my boss have a group agenda everything is pin pointed out and what is needed to get everything done. So everyone have to be mentally on board just to get things done.

Achiever is me all the way. Once I know what direction I am going I am focus on achieving that goal. I have to stay busy and productive if not I feel that I have no satisfaction about anything. I drive off of determination and can be considered a workaholic. I do not need much external motivation. I take advantage of my self-motivation by setting challenging goals for myself. When I make a promise I will move heaven and earth just to complete that promise. That is why I do not make promises I can not keep.

I am a very competitive person. Again it gives me a goal and motivation. I have to win and yes at times I can be a sore loser. I work hard to excel especially in comparison to others. Comparing myself to others motives you to reach my full potential. Without other peers I try to out do myself from whatever performance or task I had completed that last time.

I can apply strenght in my everyday life because I work being competative, achiever, focus and being a leader is what keeps work, school, and family life grounded. Knowing your strengths is also knowing yourself.

Skills I need to be a successful paralegal

A paralegal who is also known as a legal assistant, help lawyers with various legal proceedings. Paralegals perform various tasks that require any skills to do those tasks. They include written,verbal,and multitasking skills.

Written skills are very important in the paralegal field. A paralegal have to do research and record various information that may pertain to a particular case. Such as a previous case that was tried and have similar laws that may have to be researched further or a formal written report have to be presented to the defence team, prosecutor, or even a judge. So being able to clarify, precise, and legiable is a strong attrabute to have as a paralegal.

Everyday a paralegal is constant contact with people. proper speech, will toned voice and body langage are all forms of verbal communication. Going into a courtroom with a low tone show other legal professions that you are less confident with the evidance that you may be presenting. But having a positive attiute, posture, and poker face show that you are a strong and focus and knowledgeable of what you are presenting. When you seek legal counsel you do not seek out someone that has the demenor that they do not know that they are doing or talking about. So having excellent verbal communication is a must in the paralegal field.

A lawyer will have you researching, drawing up documentation, and even investagating client statement all in one day. Mulitasking is a everyday job. But it should come natural due to balancing work and family life. if you are able to do that then you already have the skills to multitask. The only catch is being focus and organized to get things done and knowing your priorities.

Paralegals have many other tasks that are not listed above, however, the most imporant are written, verbal, and multitasking skills. They are essential because these skills are used everyday. Having these skills help lawyers to prepare for their cases and help defend or put harden criminals away.